How to Sell Star Wars Action Figures

How to Sell Star Wars Action Figures. There are tens of thousands of collectors of Star Wars figures around the world. Star Wars figures have been a hot commodity for 30 years. The tremendous success of the original three Star Wars movies created a great market for Star Wars figures from the subsequent six movies. Read on to learn how to sell Star Wars action figures.

Start selling Star Wars figures by determining the exact age and series identification information. There have been dozens of series of Star Wars figures and of course the initial series are the most difficult to find in mint condition. Locate the series number on the box, or find any identifying information on the actual character if the box is missing.

Assess the value of the Star Wars figures. Compare prices to several commercial websites and auction sites. Take note of every defect on the figures to establish a fair range of the market value of the figures.

Attend a collectibles convention or science-fiction convention. Bring along the collection list and a few photographs of the most valuable Star Wars figures in the collection. Talk with convention attendees and vendors. Only give an email address to interested potential buyers. Bring along the collection, but keep it locked in the hotel room, unless the cost of a vendor's table is low. Do not accept personal checks.

Sell Star Wars collectibles through an online auction site. Having great photographs, knowing the right category and setting a reasonable starting price are essential to making sales through online auctions.

Contact an online store that specializes in buying and selling vintage Star Wars figures. These online merchants offer a fair market value for the Star Wars figures. This does not mean a seller can expect to get the highest possible amount, but they can sell good quality figures at a fair price.