How to Sell a Rare Beanie Baby

The Ty Company “Beanie Babies” were first introduced in 1993 at the World Toy Fair in New York City and included a frog, pig, bear, dolphin, whale, platypus, moose, dog and lobster. These plush animals are now referred to by collectors as the “Original Nine” and are highly desired by collectors because Ty retired the bean-filled animals in 1996. You can follow a few simple steps to sell one of the original nine Beanie Babies or another rare Beanie Baby.

Authenticate the Beanie Baby. The original 9 toys and other Beanie Babies on the market that were retired in the 1990s are considered to be rare and will get the most value from a buyer 1. Find information and details about individual Beanie Babies on websites such as and About (See Resources)

Make sure the Beanie Baby still has the two original tags, which include a heart-shaped paper tag that hangs off the Beanie Baby and one cloth tag that is sewn onto the animal. Beanie Babies without one or both of the tags will have significantly less value 1. In addition, ensure the Beanie Baby is clean, in good condition and free of odors or stains in order to get the best price.

Determine the current market value of rare Beanie Babies to know how much you should ask for the item 1. Websites such as eBay and Bonanzle are a good place to see how much the Beanie Babies are currently selling for and reference books such as “Beanie Babies Collectors' Guide” by Holly Stowe can be helpful in determining a price as well.

Place the Beanie Baby for sale in an advertisement in collector’s magazines or publications, such as “Toyzine.” (See Resources) Include information about the Beanie Baby name, dates of release and retirement, the condition of the item and the price, as well as your contact information.

Try selling the item online at websites such as,, or Create a post for sale in “Collectible” categories and then a sub-category of “Toys.” Include the same information as in step 3.

Take the Beanie Baby to antique stores, collector's shows or toy shows and speak to dealers about your desire to sell the item. Remember that most dealers are looking to make a profit by buying and selling the Beanie Baby, so you may get less money by selling to a dealer than you would by selling to a collector. Dealers can also point you to interested purchasing parties.