How to Sell Legos Online

Many online shoppers are interested in buying LEGOs. Some collectors are only interested in complete sets, preferably still in the original box, while other buyers want all kinds of used LEGOs, even mixed lots of bricks and assorted pieces sold by the pound. If you have used or new LEGOs you’d like to sell, one of the decisions you must make is how to group them. You may want to sell minifigs (LEGO people) and specialized pieces, such as movie tie-in characters or sets, separately from lots of mixed bricks, since buyers are willing to pay more for these items.

Sell LEGOs Online

Clean out the LEGOs. Remove any debris, as well as any toys or blocks that aren’t LEGO brand. Discard any broken or damaged LEGOs.

Sort the LEGOs into complete sets, if available. Separate and group any complete minifigs, platforms or other notable pieces that you’d like to list separately.

Group assorted bricks and pieces into mixed lots. Put them into clean plastic zipper bags and weigh them. (Many post offices have accurate scales you can use for free. If you sell a lot of LEGOs or other items, you may want to buy a scale for convenience.)

Pick an online auction site or other website to sell the LEGOs through. You can use a general online auction site, or one that specializes in LEGOs. Review the website’s selling policies and fees, and set up an account.

Pick the appropriate category to list your LEGO pieces. Many online auction websites have separate categories for LEGO minifigs, complete sets and mixed lots.

Write a descriptive title for each item, such as “Lot of 15 LEGO Pirate Minifigs” or “5 Pound Lot of Assorted LEGO Bricks.” Provide accurate and honest descriptions of your LEGO items. Include the quantity and condition of the LEGOs in the description.

Take pictures of each LEGO item and post them, if possible. Make sure the pictures, especially for minifigs, are close up enough to accurately show the LEGOs.

Determine shipping costs and policies, and whether you will accept returns. Review all the information, and post the LEGOs for sale.


Make sure to pack the LEGOs carefully for shipping.


LEGO is a brand name trademark. This advice is not affiliated with the LEGO Group.