Samson Bible Crafts

The story of Samson has delighted and engaged children for centuries. A strong man who becomes weak when his hair is cut is an intriguing story for youngsters. Utilizing crafts and other activities to illustrate this Biblical account will make the lesson meaningful and easily understood by kids of all ages.

Hand Puppets

Give each child a lunch-size paper bag. Ask the kids to draw the face of Samson on one side of the inverted bag. Provide them with long strips of colored paper or dark brown or black yarn depicting Samson's long hair to glue on the top of his head 3. They can play with their creations as you tell the story of Samson's strength and demise. Allow the children to cut the yarn or paper strips short when you get to the part where Delilah shears his locks off.

Growing Samson's "Hair"

This craft is especially fun for all of the little gardeners in your group. Give each child a small Styrofoam cup, a small amount of potting soil, some fast-growing grass seeds such as wheat grass, and a washable marker. Have the kids draw Samson's face on one side of the cup. Older kids can write a Bible verse pertaining to Samson on the other. Fill each cup with potting soil and plant the grass seeds. Watching the grass grow on Samson's "head" will help give them a real feel and understanding of these Bible verses.

Stick Puppets

Print out a coloring page with an illustration of Samson. Have the children color the picture and then cut it out with safety scissors. Glue on yarn for Samson's hair. Attach the figure to a craft stick using glue to create a small stick puppet. Repeat the process with a figure of Delilah. Use the puppets to act out the story of these two Bible characters in class.

Stand-up Samson Figure

Save all of your cardboard toilet paper tubes for this class project or ask the children to bring as many as they can from home. Draw or print out a figure of Samson with long hair that is about an inch higher than a standing toilet paper tube 3. Have the children color the figure and then cut it out with safety scissors. Glue or tape the cut-out to the tube, keeping the arms free to extend out from the sides. Stand these figures up as displays and add other Bible figures as your class progresses. When the year is over, the children will have an entire collection of Bible characters that they have studied and discussed in their lessons.