Safest Family Towns in Georgia

Georgia is home to some very safe small and mid-sized cities, several of which have made the top of different "Safest City" lists 1. These cities are good places to call home if you’re specifically looking for a town with low crime statistics. Some are located near Atlanta or Fayetteville, making them attractive for those who want to be close to a larger city for work or entertainment purposes.


Roswell, just north of Atlanta, made runner-up in the 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek Best Places to Raise Your Kid list for Georgia behind Warner Robins. It received an A+ crime rate rating on, and a 123.1 crime rating on in 2011, where the U.S. average is 300.7 and higher numbers equal more crime 2. Roswell's population is almost 93,700, according to the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau estimate.


Kennesaw, a city of about 30,000 located northwest of Atlanta, was featured by as one of Georgia’s safest cities in 2013 12. Kennesaw has been listed in “Family Circle” magazine as one of the 10 best family towns in the U.S. and has a lower crime rate as compared to other metro-Atlanta cities. Kennesaw also received the number one spot on AreaVibes’ Top 100 Cities in Georgia, featuring an A+ crime index 1.

Local police and officials say that the reason the town is so safe is that a law requires the head of each household to own a firearm. This 1982 law is credited with drastically cutting crime in the city over the last three decades.

Milton and Johns Creek

Neighborhood Scout, a real estate data company, ranks Milton, 39th on its Top 100 Safest Cities list 36. Situated north of Atlanta with an estimated population of about 35,000, Milton has a crime index of 76 out of 100. Your chance of becoming a victim in Milton is one in 1,532, compared to one in 268 in Georgia.

Johns Creek, located northeast of Atlanta, has a crime index of 85 on the Neighborhood Scout list with a population just over 79,000 456. Your chance of becoming a victim in Johns Creek is one in 4,345.

Peachtree City

Peachtree City, southwest of Atlanta, came in at number 63 on the Neighborhood Scout Top 100 Safest Cities list 34. Peachtree City has a crime index of 69 and a population of 35,000 people which makes your chance of becoming a victim there just one in 4,345. It also ranks number 6 on the list of the Top 100 Cities in Georgia with a crime index grade of A+ 12.