Safest Cities in South Florida to Raise a Child

Families searching for paradise need look no further than south Florida. Palm trees and sandy beaches add visual appeal, while warm temperatures year-round entice families outside. There are many factors that influence a family's decision to move, and safety may be a top priority when choosing a new community.


Known throughout history as home to exiles from Cuba, Hialeah, Florida, ranked number 11 out of the 20 safest cities in which to reside in the year 2012, according to Business Insider 1. The city is the fifth largest municipality in Florida, and crime rates score below national averages 2. Hialeah boasts a culturally diverse population that thrives in family-oriented neighborhoods. Parks, pools and tennis complexes add appeal for families who love being outside.

Highland Beach

Located on the Atlantic side of the state, Highland Beach is a residential community in southeast Palm Beach County. Highland Beach was ranked number eight out of 10 on Neighborhood Scout's Top 10 Safest Florida Cities 2. The median age of residents is 62, and the town's population of 4,000 doubles during winter months when property owners residing elsewhere return to their vacation homes. Nearly 80 percent of the population of Highland Beach are retirees.


The community of Placida is located on the southern point of the Cape Haze peninsula 4. It was ranked number two on Neighborhood Scout's list of Top 10 Safest Florida Cities 2. Placida is a community where residents value privacy, and many homes feature security gates. Large trees with dense foliage contribute to the appearance of seclusion. Placida is a potential haven for nature lovers, where the wildlife ranges from manatees to sharks and exotic birds.

Boca Grande

At number four on Neighborhood Scout's top ten list, Boca Grande is a residential community that is well-known for excellent fishing opportunities 25. Located at the center of Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande is an affluent community and a favorite of film producers and photographers 5. Laden with laid-back appeal and miles of beaches, Boca Grande features cart paths that allow residents and visitors alike to travel by bicycle or golf cart 5.