Remedies to Help a Baby Sleep

Many parents long for a good night's sleep more than anything else. Putting baby down to sleep can be a time-consuming chore and just when you think you can finally rest yourself, he'll wake for a feeding. According to KidsHealth, a baby probably needs around 13 to 14 hours of sleep a day, but yours may need more or less 3. All babies are different, but with a bit of experimentation, you'll find what helps put him to sleep.


Though methods of training baby to fall asleep on her own are popular, many children simply need the comfort of a parent in order to fall asleep. You may need to nurse her, hold her, rock her, or simply lie down next to her. This can be time-consuming on your part, so think of ways you can deal with the frustration. For example, you might be able to nurse her to sleep while watching your favorite TV show, or think of nap times as times for your rest as well. She won't be in this stage forever.


Some babies need a bit of movement to lull them to sleep. A vibrating or rocking chair is an easy way to put the baby to sleep, if this is something he enjoys. If not, you could try wearing baby in a carrier, putting him in the stroller for a walk or going for a drive. Cribs aren't the only place a baby can sleep, according to AskDrSears. If your child sleeps better in a rocker, especially for daytime naps, you can let him sleep there.


Some babies can sleep just about anywhere when they're tired, but others require a very calm environment. Consider getting black-out curtains for baby's room to make it dark during the daytime. A white noise machine, or a CD that plays nature sounds, can help drown out the noises of activity in the home. In the winter, a cold bed can wake a sleeping baby, so if you let her fall asleep in your arms, warm the crib sheets with a blanket or heating pad before you place her in the bed, taking care to remove it before putting her there.


Though it seems counter-intuitive, a baby can actually have a hard time falling asleep if he's too tired. Keeping a consistent routine when it comes to naps and bedtimes will help your baby sleep well. Before bedtime, plan activities that will calm your child down, such as giving him a bath, snuggling and singing songs or giving him a gentle massage.