How to Put a Diaper Genie Together

Avoid a rancid smell of dirty diapers by purchasing and assembling the Diaper Genie by Playtex 1. The Diaper Genie is essentially a diaper trapper and smell container that helps keep a room smelling fresh. Infants and babies will go through anywhere from five to 10 diaper changes a day, according to Diapering Decisions. Place the Diaper Genie in the baby's room or a nearby bathroom, close to where the diaper changing station is located. Always keep the Diaper Genie out of the reach of children.

Basic Instructions

Gather the top of the genie and the bottom section of the genie. Slide the hinge, located near the bottom back section of the top of the genie, into the bar, located on the top back section of the bottom of the genie.

Lower the hinge and bar, into the groove on the bottom section of the genie. Once the bar is inserted into the hinge you will see a small area under the bar where the groove is located.

Press down into the center of the hinge until you hear a "click." This will signify that the top is secured to the bottom section of the genie.

Push the top section upward to the upright position. You will hear a "snap" and the genie will be complete.

Insert the Refill

Remove the plastic tab on the refill and the removable plastic cover will come off.

Hold the refill in the upright position and gently push your hand downward through the top of the refill. This will start the film to release from the bottom.

Remove your hand from the refill and grab the film from the bottom. Pull the film downward the entire length of the genie and tie a knot in the bottom of the film.

Step on the foot pedal located in the center of the bottom of the genie to release the top lid. Stuff the film downward into the genie and snap the refill into the top. Close the lid, the genie is ready to be used.


Check your Diaper Genie regularly to avoid overfilling.

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