Pretend Play Teacher Supplies for Kids

By the time your little learner reaches kindergarten, child development experts at PBS Parents say he should be able to engage in complex pretend play scenarios, create skits and even make his own props 1. While fantasy-level pretend play ideas such as super heroes or princesses are popular, the school environment is a familiar arena that can easily translate into a child-led drama. Pretend play teacher supplies for kids can help your grade-schooler recreate his classroom and act as an educator.

Other Students

Unless your child is pretending that she is homeschooling herself, she will need other students to enact her classroom scenarios. If she has siblings, neighborhood friends who are often at your house or has friends visit , she can have real mock students. If your child doesn't have real people to take part in her school play, she can use toys instead. Dolls or stuffed animals make well-behaved students who never talk out of turn and will follow your young teacher's directives.


From literary readers to more fact-filled textbooks, books are key to any classroom. When your child acts as a teacher he can lead the "class" by reading from, or handing out, mock textbooks. Use your child's real books that he enjoys reading with you or make your own textbooks out of thick hardbacks. Cover the books with solid gift wrap and have your child add a new title such as "First Grade Math" or "Social Studies" along with a picture.


While assignments and home work probably aren't your student's favorite part of school, as the pretend teacher she can hand out worksheets to her pretend students 2. Go to a free printable or educational website such as Scholastic or A to Z Teacher Stuff 23. Download worksheet printables for different ages and grade levels, asking your child first what she is planning on teaching, and print them on regular white copier paper 3. Your child can explain the assignments and hand them out to her students, along with pencils or crayons.

Mock Classroom

Don't forget about the larger classroom supplies. Although you can't import an entire school room into your house, your child can re-create one with some strategic supplies. Bring in chairs for the students to sit on and tables to use as desks. Prop up a small-size chalk board at the front of the class. If you don't have a play chalk board at home, make a mock one using the side of a large cardboard box.