Preschool Graduation Concert Ideas

Preschool graduation is one of a child's very first milestones. Send your preschool graduates off to kindergarten with a concert that helps celebrate their accomplishments. Concert ideas for a preschool graduation should not only involve the students, but can include parents and professional musicians as well.

Chorus Concert

The graduating preschool students can perform songs as a choir. Pick songs that will be easy for the young children to learn, such as "This Little Light of Mine," Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "The ABC Song." You can also take popular songs and change the lyrics to fit the occasion. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," can become "Kindergarten, Kindergarten Here We Come." During the performance, have someone stand in front of the preschool students and hold up signs with the lyrics to the songs on them. As an added entertainment, you can teach the preschool students a dance routine to go along with the performance.

Instrumental Concert

Introduce the preschool students to musical instruments, or showcase a lesson on music that you've taught them throughout the year. Make or purchase preschool-student specific instruments for the students to use during the concert. Divide the class into sections, and assign a different instrument to each respective section. During the concert, have the entire band perform as a group for two or three songs. After the group performance, showcase each individual sections of the band by having the sections perform songs.

Student and Parent Concert

Showcase the preschool students and their parents or guardians by having them perform together during the graduation ceremony. The performances can include singing and dancing. The student and parent teams can choose their songs and routines. However, be sure it has been approved prior to graduation day.

Professional Musician Concert

Book a professional musician to perform at the graduation ceremony. Since the graduation is for preschool students, find a musician who specialises in children's music. These types of musicians often perform at children's events that are held at local libraries, community centres and at children's birthday parties.