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What Is Play-Doh Made Of?

By Jacqueline Thomas ; Updated April 18, 2017

If you have ever smelled, played with or even tasted the clay-like substance of Play-Doh, you may be curious to find out its exact ingredients. This popular modeling material is a childhood favorite because of its imaginative possibilities. Play-Doh is also beloved by parents because it is non-toxic, non-allergenic and will not stain the furniture. What exactly goes into the making of this Hasbro brand?

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Official Ingredients

While Hasbro does not reveal the exact ingredients of Play-Doh, the mixture is mostly composed of water, salt and wheat flour. Petroleum adds smoothness to Play-Doh, and Borax keeps away mold.


Water is responsible for Play-Doh's pliability. When left out of its container, Play-Doh's water content evaporates, causing it to dry.

Allergic Reactions

Children who are allergic to wheat gluten should steer clear of Play-Doh. Because wheat is part of the Play-Doh's secret ingredients, those allergic may experience a reaction.

Home-made Play-Doh

For those concerned with Play-Doh's list of ingredients, a similar modeling material can be made at home. Combine white rice flour, cornstarch, salt, cream of tartar, water and cooking oil to create your home-made version.

Fun Fact

Play-Doh was originally created as a wallpaper cleaner.

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