Planning a Birthday Party for a 13-Year-Old Girl

A 13th birthday marks a memorable milestone in a young girl's life. In this year, she transitions from a child to a teenager on the way to young adulthood. At this critical age, young girls gain more sophisticated interests, stronger opinions and their own style. Considering all these changes when planning a 13th birthday party will help to make the celebration personal and special 1. Whether you throw a huge bash or an intimate gathering, the birthday girl will appreciate your efforts for years to come.

Planning Time Line

Drafting a party time line helps to guide the planning process, keeping you focused 1. This time line allows you to organize the necessary party details by date and prevents you from forgetting any elements of the celebration.

Date and Time

Many 13-year-old girls have busy schedules that not only include school, but also extra-curricular activities, such as dance or sports. Consider your child's prior obligations when selecting a date for the party. The nature of the party will dictate the time. For instance, a sleepover will begin around dinnertime, while a trip to a theme park would start early in the day.


Locations vary depending on the type of party you throw. Teenagers tend to want a more sophisticated celebration that includes a destination such as, a concert, amusement park or hotel sleepover. It is important to factor in transportation for all guests when throwing these types of parties. Riding in a limousine to the party spot will surely add excitement to the occasion.


The theme of the party should focus on the taste and interest of the birthday girl. A 13-year-old might want a subtle theme, such as flowers or butterflies, and may feel that a specific theme is too childish. You can suggest mature themes, such as red carpet or rock star. Make sure a coed party has a theme that includes both girls and boys.

Guest List

The guest list will depend on the details of the party, especially the location. A party at home or at the park allows for many guests, while a special outing should only include a few friends. Thirteen-year-old girls usually have a small set of their closest friends. You can work with your child to create a reasonable guest list that suits the type of party you plan.


You should deliver the invitations in person, by mail or online at least three weeks before the party. A teenage girl will want to infuse their own personal style into the invites. Involve her in the invitation process by allowing her to select the cards, or even work with scrap booking materials to craft her own.

Food and Decor

The party foods of the past -- hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza -- may no longer appeal to a 13-year-old girl. Instead, order from your child's favorite restaurant or make some of the foods she enjoys the most. The cake and decorations should look sophisticated, while reflecting the theme and color scheme of the party.