Pageants in Arkansas for Kids

Arkansas is home to a number of pageants for kids. These pageants range from Christian-based natural beauty and talent pageants to those designed specifically for special-needs children. Kids -- from infant to teens -- can participate in these pageants for a title, a crown and even cash. But more importantly, they can walk away with confidence and communication skills developed in the beauty-pageant process.

Arkansas Our Little Miss Pageant

The World Youth Federation hosts the Our Little Miss pageants across the U.S 12. The Arkansas Our Little Miss pageant provides Arkansas children the ability to compete at a local level and advance to the World pageant later in the year 123. Our Little Miss is a Christian-based pageant system that focuses on natural beauty 12. The pageant is not a glitz one. Children should appear natural. Judges evaluate contestants in the following categories: interview, sportswear, beauty and playtime/team-building. Unlike some beauty-based pageants, Our Little Miss pageants judge children not only on beauty but on personality, friendliness, pose, and ability to speak in front of an audience 12. Winners walk away with a crown and savings bonds. For more information, visit

Little Miss Arkansas Pageant

The Little Miss Arkansas program, founded in 1979, is accredited nationally and is open to children ages 0 to 17 12. The pageant consists of five different divisions separated by age. Contestants compete in two areas: casual wear and pageant wear. A separate talent and photogenic category is optional. Judges for this pageant look for natural beauty and children that look their age. No excessive make-up or expensive gowns necessary. Casual wear should consist of a comfortable outfit and no swimsuits allowed except within the infant category. One winner and two alternatives are chosen for each category. Winners receive a crown, savings bond and sponsored gifts. For more information, visit

Arkansas International Pageants

The Arkansas International Pageants offer a Little Miss program for children 123. The pageant focuses on natural beauty with only light make-up use. The pageant is open to first-time contestants. Beauty, Personality/Modeling and Attire are the categories that are judged in the Little Miss competition 12. The pageant welcomes party dresses or pageant dresses for Divisional Queen competition. One winner is chosen for each age group and one Overall Grand Supreme Queen is chosen. Winners in each division receive cash prizes, a sash and a round crown. For more information, visit

Special-Needs Pageants

Angels Pageant System believes that every child is beautiful and deserves the chance to shine on stage. This program is designed specifically for special-needs children. The pageant judges contestants based on inner beauty and it is open to anyone, boy or girl. The pageant crowns any child who participates and is not about winning, but about families coming together to celebrate these childrens’ sweet spirits. The pageants give children who may not be comfortable in a traditional pageant setting the ability to showcase beauty in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. By 2013, the pageant will have crowned more than 1,000 children. For more information, visit