How Much Water Do Huggies Diapers Hold?

Design Matters

The design of Huggies diapers are meant to match the size of the baby using the diaper 1. For example, their Little Movers Diapers are designed to allow movement of active toddlers while still providing maximum protection. It is this unique design that allows the diaper to hold as much water as it does.

TV Commercials and Leakage Protection

Most people have seen the commercial where a dad in a hotel room is changing his child's diaper. The baby ends up getting the room wet, but his bottom is dry--thanks to his Huggies diaper 1. This advertisement is meant to demonstrate that a Huggies diaper can indeed take and hold a large quantity of liquid until the parent is able to get the diaper changed. But, how much can one of these diapers hold?

An Experiment

There is no exact figure on either the Huggies website or the Kimberly Clark website about how much water a Huggies diaper can hold, so I decided to conduct a little research 2. I grabbed a Huggies diaper from a pack we had here at the house, and a 16.9 ounce bottle of water from our kitchen. I placed the diaper over the sink, pad side facing out, and started pouring water from the bottle into the pad. At 15 ounces of water, the diaper started leaking water. Based on my experiment, a size 6 diaper is able to hold almost a pint of water.

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