Married Couple Team Building Ideas

Married couples can strengthen their marriage by focusing on activities and interactions that solidify their relationship. Even though life can be hectic, making time for intimate conversations and marriage-building activities can improve your relationship and bolster your family. Couples who put each other first and communicate with openness and honesty create an atmosphere of trust.

Schedule Time Together

One of the best ways to strengthen your marriage and have a healthier family is to make your marriage a priority 1. By scheduling time together, you ensure that other demands of life don't drown out your relationship. Take time every day to catch up on each others activities and interests. Plan date nights and make room for intimate moments alone, recommends Sari Harrar in a "Reader's Digest" article. As a parent, you might feel as though you don't have time to invest in your spouse, but your children will benefit from the closeness the two of you share.


Communicate with your spouse in ways that send a message that you care. Let your spouse know he is vitally important to you. Only 7 percent of communication is verbal, and 93 percent is nonverbal, according to Strengthen your relationship by making eye contact, smile frequently, laugh at your spouse's jokes, listen intently when your spouse speaks, and express love through positive body language and touch 1. When you communicate verbally, express appreciation and apologize if you've hurt your spouse. Kind words and thoughtful actions build a strong marriage.

Make Healthy Decisions

Team-building marriage strategies center around accountability. Before you make any major decisions, consider whether your actions will benefit your marriage. If the decision might hurt your spouse or cause tension between the two of you, find a better solution. You might have good intentions, but if it's not what your spouse wants or needs, it could backfire. Communicate with your spouse before you make any decisions that could affect your marriage or your children.

Set Boundaries

Without healthy boundaries, you might find yourself trying to please others more than your spouse. Set limits when it comes to in-laws, so your relationship maintains its top-priority status, according to marriage therapist Lisa Thomas at It's easier to strengthen your marriage when you aren't torn between your extended family and your spouse. Create your own holiday traditions, plan vacations for just the two of you, and avoid involving your relatives in marital decisions.