The Best Makeup Kits for Teens

It's the day you always knew was coming -- when your teen asks if she can start wearing makeup. While it might be hard for you to let your little girl look more grown up, the right type of makeup can give your daughter a confidence boost 12. The trick is knowing what type of makeup works best for teens so your daughter's first foray into cosmetics is a positive one 12. By purchasing makeup kits with the right type of products, she can experiment with makeup while you breathe a little easier about her appearance.


The average teen -- especially one just starting to experiment with makeup -- probably doesn't need a whole case full of makeup products, but rather just the basics. Look for makeup kits that provide the basics for your teen. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown tells that most teens don't need heavy stuff like foundation. Instead, look for a kit that contains easy-to-use lip gloss, mascara and blush to get her started.


Heavy powders can look cakey on your teen's fresh skin, so consider looking for kits that offer cream and liquid-based products. They're typically easier to blend, go on lighter and are more foolproof than heavier products. Choose lip gloss over lipstick and cream blush over the powdery kind. Even cream eyeshadows can be a smart addition to a first makeup kit -- they go on more sheer, especially if your teen has a heavy hand when it comes to application.


While your teen might be anxious to try out the bright colors she saw in a magazine, natural is best when first starting out. Look for makeup kits that contain neutral color palettes, like beige and brown. Your teen can learn how to use those before trying brighter and more shocking colors. As an added bonus, neutral colors flatter any skin tone, so you don't have to worry about matching shades with it comes to eyeliner, shadow, blush and mascara.

Makeup Rules

Before you hand over a makeup kit, make sure you're clear on school rules regarding makeup and ensure that your teen is willing to follow those rules. Disney Family suggests setting your own rules for wearing makeup, like which products are appropriate 12. It also helps if you set a timeline for your makeup-loving teen. You might not think that mascara is necessary for a 12-year-old, but she can start wearing it when she turns 14 instead. It's a compromise that allows your teen to play with her makeup kit within the bounds you've set.