How to Make Your Own WWE Action Figure Ring

The standard-size wrestling ring you see on TV (or in person) measures about 15-feet by 15-feet in area, which provides plenty of room for large men and svelte women to hurl each other around. If you’re a die-hard fan who also enjoys the 6-inch versions of WWE and other wrestling superstars, then making a custom ring can save you the $40 to $50 for the officially licensed product and provide some do-it-yourself fun.

Cover the wood piece evenly with the cloth square and staple the ends to the underside of the wood. This creates a “mat” for the wrestlers and helps prevent splinters.

Measure ¾-inch diagonally from each of the four corners. Drill through the fabric and wood to make four holes, one in each corner.

Apply wood glue to the bottom inch of one of the dowel pieces. Insert that end into one of the drilled holes. Repeat until all four holes have dowels inserted. Allow glue to dry.

Stretch one of the rubber bands around the outside perimeter of the posts, beginning with the bottom “rope.” Position the band about 1-inch above the ring surface.

Attach the middle rubber band, this time positioning it about ¾ inch from the bottom band. Repeat with the final rubber band.

Pinch a rubber band together in front of one of the dowel posts and tape together, creating a “turnbuckle." Repeat for the remaining turnbuckles.


Make sure to drill completely through the wooden square. This adds stability to the ring when playing.


Take care when stretching the rubber bands to avoid them snapping from overstretching. Larger-size bands can be purchased and the additional slack can be removed when making the turnbuckles.