How to Make a Trapeze

A trapeze can be a fun indoor or outdoor item for adults and children. Working on a trapeze can be great exercise, promoting strength and flexibility, even for children. A simple trapeze for fun in the yard or in the home during the winter can be made from a strong dowel or piece of PVC pipe hung from two lengths of chain or poly rope.

Cut two lengths of chain or rope the length you want the trapeze to hang from your ceiling.

Screw an eye bolt into each end of your trapeze bar. The bar can be made of heavy-duty PVC pipe, a dowel or a length of steel bar cut to your preferred length. Most trapeze for children are about 18 inches long.

Screw two eye hooks into a beam or stud in your ceiling or into a door frame 1.

Attach a screw-lock style carabiner to the length of chain and then attach it to the eye hooks in the ceiling.

Attach the trapeze to the chain with a screw-lock chain link. Alternatively, you can drill two holes into the ends of the PVC pipe or dowel and thread poly rope through it, knotting it at the bottom. Attach the rope to the screw-in eye hooks on the ceiling by using rope clamps to clamp them securely.

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