How to Make My Plastic Sled Faster

Sledding is a fun outdoor winter activity that anyone can participate in regardless of age. There are a variety of sleds available, from the old-fashioned wooden variety with metal runners on the bottom to rectangular or round-shaped plastic sleds. Plastic sleds are best for speed as the metal runners on wooden sleds tend to move slowly through the snow while plastic sleds move over the snow. You can increase your plastic sled's speed even further with a few easy-to-find products from home.

Squirt a few drops of dish washing detergent into your bucket and fill it halfway with warm water. Use a cleaning rag to wash off the bottom of your sled 1. A clean surface will glide over the snow much better than one that has chunks of dirt or rock salt stuck to the bottom.

Rinse the bottom of the sled with plain water and dry it off with a towel.

Lubricate your sled by pouring a small amount of vegetable oil onto a clean rag and rubbing it into the bottom of the sled. Allow the sled to sit, bottom-side up, for a few minutes. If your plastic sled is a bit older, it may absorb some of the oil.

Apply a second coat of vegetable oil using the same rag you used for the first coat.


Spray products used to lubricate door hinges and such can also be used to lubricate the bottom of your sled.


Make sure the area is clear below the sledding hill before you go down. You'll be moving at a fast rate of speed and a collision could hurt both you and the person you run into.