How to Make a Paper Parachute

Parachutes are easy to make for action figures or other toys 1. Use these parachutes to have races with friends or for a physics project with kids. Try different weights of toys and different size parachutes. Make sure that if you are working with children, you have adult supervision for safety purposes.

Making the Parachute

Measure the tissue paper and cut into a 10-by-10-inch square 1.

Reinforce each corner by folding a piece of tape over the edges. This will keep the paper from tearing.

Punch one hole in each corner, in the center of the taped area.

Cut two pieces of string so that they are larger than the square. Tie one end of one string to the hole of one corner. Tie the other end to the opposite corner. Repeat with the other string. You now have two loops hanging down from the parachute.

Loop the pipe cleaner through the two loops of string and wrap pipe cleaner around action figure.


Tissue paper works best, but you can use a plastic bag with good results.