How to Make a Miracle Blanket With Two Swaddle Blankets

The Miracle Blanket is a brand of swaddling blanket that has three inner layers of flaps designed to prevent the baby from being able to escape from the blanket 2. While the Miracle Blanket might seem restrictive, a secure swaddle provides comfort to the baby and prevents it from escaping to the cold air 2. Miracle Blankets are available for purchase online, but mothers can also sew their own Miracle Blankets at home by combining two swaddle cloths.

Determine the type of material that you want to use for your Miracle Blanket 2. It is appropriate to use different blanket thicknesses for different temperatures. For example, use a lighter fabric such as a light cotton for warmer climates. Use the same fabric for both of the swaddle blankets, as this will prevent one side of the swaddle from being warmer than the other side.

Cut two 1-by-1-foot squares, and a 2-by-2-foot square out of the swaddling cloth.

Measure the midway point between two corners of the intact swaddling cloth. Most swaddling cloths are 45 by 45 inches, so this point will be 22.5 inches down one of the corners. Place a corner of one of the 1-by-1-inch swaddling cloths on that point so that its edges run diagonally to the larger swaddling cloth. This strip should create a diamond shape on top of the larger square swaddling cloth.

Sew the two edges that are closest to the edge of the swaddling cloth, leaving the two inward edges free. This creates a sort of pocket in the swaddling cloth. Sew a line between the topmost and bottommost corner of the 1-by-1-foot square so that you close the pocket. It is important to close the pocket so that the baby's arm does not get stuck in the pocket and create an uncomfortable angle. You should be left with a triangular right-angle flap.

Measure a point that is 1 foot further inward from the innermost point of the 1-by-1-foot square. Place a corner of the second 1-by-1-foot block of fabric on this point so that it creates a second diamond on the larger swaddling cloth. Sew a triangular pattern to leave a triangular flap on this 1-by-1-foot portion of fabric as well, except that the free triangular flap should be on the side pointing toward the other triangular flap. When completed, the two 1-by-1-foot blocks of fabric will have triangular flaps that are pointing toward each other, and the two sewn portions of the blocks will point toward the outside of the blanket.

Place one corner of the 2-by-2-foot portion of fabric in the midway point between the two triangular flaps. Sew the two bottommost edges of this diamond-shaped piece of fabric so that it creates a large pocket. Unlike the 1-by-1-foot blocks of fabric, leave the pocket shape rather than sewing across it. The pocket is where you will place the baby's legs.

Place your baby in the center of all of the flaps. Wrap the two triangular flaps around the baby's arms to secure its arms in place, and then tuck its legs into the pocket. Wrap the rest of the swaddling cloth around the baby like you would a normal swaddling cloth.