Make Jumbo Coloring Sheets (On the Cheap!)

You know what makes almost anything more fun to kids? Making it jumbo-size. These jumbo coloring sheets are surprisingly inexpensive (this one cost $8) and oh-so-enticing to kids of all ages—enticing enough that you can sneak in all sorts of educational themes (geography, letters, etc.) and they’ll barely notice.

The key to making your own jumbo coloring sheet is to create custom “engineering prints” through your local big-box office supply store. The printing service is designed for blueprints and therefore produces prints that are big, cheap, and low-resolution, all of which happen to be perfect for extra-large coloring sheets. Our local store offers prints ranging from 18 by 24 inches to 36 by 48 inches, with pricing starting at just $1.79 each.

To create your printouts, visit your local store’s website to select a printing size and upload your chosen image directly to the site. You can use Google images’ “line drawing” filter to find graphics that are perfect for coloring.

The printing process typically takes around 24 hours. In the meantime you can gather your art supplies. We rounded up pretty much everything we had: paints, markers, crayons, stamps, etc.

My son started in with his usual favorite, a big, shiny box of crayons.

Then he got a little more adventurous and moved on to metallic paints.

We left out our sheet all week and returned to it as inspiration struck. Eventually we ended up with a masterpiece worthy of display.

We tested out a few spots around the house…

…and finally settled on taping it to our art table under a piece of protective vinyl. The kids are naturally drawn to it, and we’ve already had lots of stimulating U.S. geography lessons. For our next project, I think we’ll go big: a world map!

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan