How to Make Glitzy Pageant Dresses for Toddlers

If your toddler is fascinated by glitz and sparkle, nothing will make her smile like a sparkling pageant dress. And if you've signed her up for her first pageant, then you'll want her to have a gown that will make the judges smile, too. With some sewing skills, you can make a glitzy pageant dress that will bring out her natural beauty.

Making the dress

Buy a simple toddler dress in a color that complements your daughter's skin tone and hair color. If you can't find the color that you want, buy a white gown and dye it at home before beginning to sew.

Sew a line of sequins along the neckline and waistline of the dress. For extra sparkle, you can also add more sequins in a simple or ornate design over the bodice.

Drape a layer of lacy fabric over the skirt of the dress, making sure to gather it at the waist just enough to match it to the original flounce. Hand stitch it into place.

Put the dress on your toddler. Carefully cut the lace at the desired length, leaving 1/2 inch for the hem. You may want the lacy overskirt to be longer than the dress beneath it as a decorative touch.

Hem the lace. Sew or glue on any little extras you'd like to include, such as ruffles, bows or rhinestones.


Use lacy fabric that is shot through with metallic threads or sequins for a more glitzy look.

You can match the color of the sequins and the lace to the original dress or use contrasting colors.

Have your daughter wear a crinoline under the dress to create a full skirt.


Make sure the dress is short enough that your daughter can walk safely.

Sew small items on securely to prevent them from falling off and becoming a choking hazard.

Check the rules of the pageant before you start making the dress to make sure you comply with all of them.