How to Make a Bouncy Ball With Slime

Kids neither know nor care much about polymers or chemistry, but they sure do love slime. You can show your kids how to have more fun with slime by turning it into a bouncy ball 1. The secret is the addition of that most magical of ingredients: everyday cornstarch.

Pour the water into a cup and stir in the borax with the craft stick until the borax is dissolved.

Pour the glue into another cup. Add the food coloring one drop at a time, stirring well with a fresh craft stick after each addition, until you’re happy with the shade.

Add the borax mixture and cornstarch to the glue. Let it set for 15 seconds. Stir the mixture with a craft stick until it becomes too difficult to stir.

Dip the sticky slime out of the cup with your hand. Squish it, roll it and knead it. As you work the slime, it will become more solid and lose its sliminess. Work it until it’s no longer sticky.

Mold the slime into a ball.


Store your bouncy ball in an airtight sealable plastic bag.

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