How to Make a Baby Fall Asleep Fast

Taking care of a baby takes a lot of patience and hard work. In addition to feeding and changing her diaper frequently, parents must also put their babies to sleep. While some babies fall asleep easily, others are more fussy and may wake up in the middle of the night. Waking up to a crying baby can be unpleasant, but parents can take the proper steps to help their baby fall back asleep.

Put your baby to sleep at the same time each night 12. According to Baby Center, babies fall asleep easier if you establish a routine. For example, before you put your baby in her crib, give her a bath or sing her a soothing lullaby. If you do this every night, your baby will know that it is time for bed.

Put your baby to sleep when she is sleepy, but awake, recommends the Mayo Clinic 2. By doing this, she will learn that a bed is associated with falling asleep.

Adjust the temperature in your baby's room to ensure she is comfortable. For example, if your baby feels sweaty when she wakes up, turn the temperature down and remove some layers. Avoid covering your baby with heavy blankets. Baby Center recommends putting your baby in a wearable blanket, one that is closed across the bottom and sleeveless.

Allow your baby to have time to calm herself. According to the Mayo Clinic, many babies fuss before they find a comfortable position to sleep in. If she does not settle down, gently rub her back and talk to her in a soft, soothing voice.

Give your baby a pacifier if she does not stop crying. A pacifier might soothe her and help her fall asleep. Another benefit to using a pacifier is that it may reduce the risk of SIDS. Be aware that a pacifier might fall out of your baby's mouth during the night and cause her to cry.