How to Make Animals With Legos Easily

Legos are plastic construction toys that resemble bricks. You can connect Legos together by pushing the external circular notch at the top of one block into the hollow bottom of another block. Measure a Lego by the amount of notches a Lego has, length by width 1. Legos can be enjoyed by people of any age but are typically a child's toy. Children use Legos to construct simple towers, buildings, boats, people and animals 1. You can build a simple Lego animal easily if you have assorted Legos of different shapes and sizes.

Make a Lego Eagle

Press together two square (2x2) Legos, one on top of the other. Set this aside.

Press two small rectangular (2x1) pieces onto the outer edges of a thin rectangular (4x2) Lego, one on one end, one on the other. Stand the piece up. It should look like a table 1.

Press the first piece you made under the second piece you made. The square pieces should fit in-between the two small rectangular pieces. You should now have a thick "T" shape.

Press a small trapezoid (2x1) piece into the center edge of your "T" shape. The pointed edge should be pointed outward, like a beak.

Press a small rectangular (2x1) piece behind the trapezoid piece on your "T" shape. Press a thin square (2x2) over the trapezoid and small rectangular piece.

Make a Lego Swan

Place one small trapezoid (2x1) piece next to one medium trapezoid (2x2) piece, each with the pointed ends facing outward.

Push one thin rectangular (3x2) piece on top of the two trapezoid pieces, holding them together. You should now have a large trapezoid 1. Set this aside.

Stack two small rectangular (2x1) pieces on top of each other and push a thin rectangular (3x2) piece on top of that. Make sure that you connect the end of the thin rectangular piece because the beak should be jutting out from the neck.

Push a small trapezoid (2x1) piece on top of thin rectangular piece so that it lines up with the small rectangular pieces below it. You should now be holding what looks like a swan's neck and head.

Attach the neck to the upward side of the trapezoid, lining up your edges. You should now have a swan.

Make a Lego Horse

Push one small trapezoid (2x1) on top of one medium trapezoid (2x2). Set this aside.

Press together two small trapezoids (2x1) so that the pointed ends line up. The connection should look like a right angle. Press a small rectangular piece (2x1) into the right angle gap. You should now have a solid, large trapezoid.

Lean the first object you created against the second object, so that the notches line up. Attach these with a small, thin square (2x2) piece. This is the head and neck of the horse.

Attach the head and neck to the edge of a thick (2x3) piece. Attach a medium trapezoid (2x2) piece underneath the other end of the thick (2x3) piece so that the piece forms a right angle against the piece above it. The pointed side should be attached, leaving two free notches.

Attach a small rectangular (2x1) piece above the trapezoid piece to fill in the right angle gap. You should now be seeing the form of the horse: the head, body and back legs.

Create the front legs by pressing together two small rectangular (2x1) pieces, and attaching them to the edge of the body, underneath the head.

Build up the back legs by pressing one small rectangular (2x1) piece underneath them. The horse should be able to stand evenly now.

Create the tail by pressing together two small rectangular (2x1) pieces. Use a thin square (2x2) piece to attach the tail to the back end of the horse.