List of Ideas for What to Put on Your Baby Shower Registry

Creating a gift registry is usually one of the more enjoyable tasks during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean the job is without stress. The baby section houses a variety of gadgets to choose from that promise to simplify parenthood. You also have to compare the different versions of each item to narrow down the options. Having a clear idea of what to include on your wish list makes registering less stressful.

Big Ticket Items

You'll need several pieces of large and expensive equipment for the newest member of your family. Registering for those items lets that eccentric aunt with deep pockets or a group of your best friends or colleagues help out with those big ticket pieces. The larger gear typically includes a crib, stroller, car seat, portable crib, changing table and rocking chair.include:

  • The larger gear typically includes a crib
  • stroller
  • car seat
  • portable crib
  • changing table
  • rocking chair

You may still end up buying those items on your own, so don't take them out of the budget just because you put them on your baby shower registry.

Everyday Essentials

Babies spend a majority of the time eating, sleeping and making messes in diapers, so the essentials that go on most baby registries relate to those tasks. Feeding supplies to consider for the registry include bottles, a breast pump, a bottle warmer and a nursing pillow to support your baby. Sleeping items include extra crib sheets, crib mattress pads, a sound machine, sleep sacks and a baby monitor. Diapering items include a changing pad, diaper pail and diaper bag, and you'll need a baby bathtub and baby towels. You'll also want personal care and basic medical supplies on hand, such as a thermometer, first aid kit, bulb syringe to clean out her tiny nose and nail scissors. An infant carrier or sling is another useful item you'll likely use on a daily basis, as is a bouncy seat and a swing.


Clothing items are often tricky when it comes to baby registries. Your shower guests may pick out their own outfits even if you don't ask for clothes. Limit the number of clothing items you put on the registry so you aren't overwhelmed with outfits for your newborn. Basic clothing pieces, such as:

  • onesies
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • shirts
  • are safe options

Register for different sizes since many babies move through the sizes quickly. If your baby's due date falls during the winter months, a baby bunting to keep him warm outdoors is an option for the registry.

One-Time Use Items

Disposable items that you'll use regularly work well if you don't need much gear. Examples include:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper pail liners
  • diaper rash cream
  • nursing pads
  • milk storage bags
  • baby care products

These items aren't expensive one package at a time, but they add up quickly. Diapers in particular eat up a chunk of the budget with all of the newborn changes. When registering for these consumable products, avoid asking for too many of a certain item, especially if this is your first child. Your baby may have a reaction to a particular brand of skin care product, or you may find you simply don't like the way a certain brand works. If you register for diapers, don't ask for too many packages of the smaller sizes. You won't know how fast your newborn will move up to the next size.

Filler Items

A wide range of prices allows everyone who shops from your baby shower registry to find something that fits their budget. Small items that don't cost much round out the list of larger items, but don't choose random, cheap items just to have low-cost items for your shower guests. Choose items you'll actually use. Examples include pacifiers, burp cloths, bibs, bottle brushes and teething rings. You'll likely get small items, such as rattles or other small toys, whether you ask for them or not, so you don't need to put them on your registry unless you want a specific item.