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List of Dominant Traits in Humans

By Aubrey Warshaw ; Updated April 18, 2017
People with dark hair have inherited the dominant trait.

Hereditary traits are among the most important principles that govern human life. Many are transmitted from generation to generation and one of the most defining is the trait for dominant genes. They help determine many characteristics in humans including eye color, vision, hair, facial features and appendages. Knowing the various dominant traits in humans is helpful to better understand your genetic composition.

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Facial Features


Facial features are often a mix of dominant and recessive genes from parents. People with dimples have inherited a dominant gene, while those without have the recessive trait. People with freckles have inherited at least one pair of dominant genes, while those without freckles have inherited two recessive genes. Unattached earlobes is a dominant trait; those with attached earlobes have inherited the recessive gene.


Blue eyes are a recessive trait.

Brown eyes are a dominant gene, while gray, green, hazel and blue eyes are recessive traits. Many people have varying levels of vision such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and colorblindness. Farsightedness is a dominant trait, and those with nearsightedness and colorblindness have inherited recessive traits.


Curly hair is a dominant trait.

Naturally curly hair is a dominant gene, while the gene for straight hair is recessive. A widow's peak is a dominant trait; those with a straight hairline have inherited the recessive gene. Many men suffer from the dominant trait of male pattern baldness, while a full head of hair is a recessive trait in men. People with dark hair have inherited the dominant trait, while those with blonde, light or red hair have the recessive trait.


Genes determine which hand you write with.

Right-handed people have inherited the dominant gene, while lefties have the recessive gene. Rolling up the lateral edges of your tongue into a tube involves a dominant gene, while those who are unable to do so have the recessive gene for tongue rolling. Being able to bend your pinky toward your ring finger is a dominant trait; those who cannot have inherited the recessive gene.

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About the Author

Aubrey Warshaw has experience working in federal, state and local levels of government. He has a Master of Public Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Warshaw's written work includes policy briefs for a 9-12 institution, letters to constituents and various reports involving policy issues such as education and poverty.

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