Lessons & Crafts for a Preschool on Jesus as the Light of the World

Learning to trust in Jesus and believing in His almighty power is a cornerstone of the Christian faith, one that all followers believe to be true. It is also an easily adaptable lesson for Sunday School. Teaching your class that "Jesus Is the Light of the World" cements this message through simple lesson plans and fun, educational crafts.

Learning with a Light Switch

A simple lesson for "Jesus Is the Light" requires no special effects -- just a light switch, according to the Ministry to Children website 1. Explain to the class the importance of light in every person's life. Ask them what happens when the lights are turned off and then ask them what happens when the light is turned on. Depending on the age of your preschool class, you may want to demonstrate this point by using a light switch. Explain that Jesus is like the light in the room when the switch is turned on. He can help guide them and help them see through a world of darkness.

Candle Craft

A neat craft to make for this Sunday School preschool lesson involves personalised candles with colourful decor, based off one found on the DLTK website. First, instruct the students to draw on a piece of paper what they think of when they are told that "Jesus Is the Light." Encourage them to be creative with glitter and other sparkling art supplies. Next, glue the artwork to an empty toilet paper roll. Hand each child a paper "flame" to glue to the top of the candle. Make sure the bottom of the flame is glued to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Allow the glue to dry. Now each child has a reminder of Jesus' love to take home.

Glow in the Dark

Make your preschool Sunday School classroom into a party pad with a "Jesus Is the Light" themed party like the one described on the Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities website 3. For a glow-in-the-dark party, dress the kids with glow sticks, stickers and other art supplies. Before you turn the lights off, show your students a toy star that glows in the dark. Explain that each one of them is like this star. Using a lamp, hold the star up to a lit light bulb. Tell them that Jesus is like this light and through Him, stars are able to light through the darkness. Shut off the light and show the students how bright the light glows. Another option is to take the same stars and place them throughout a room that has no windows so the kids can see multiple stars shining through the darkness. For arts and crafts, have the children make their own stars or night time scenes with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Puppet Show

For preschool-aged pupils, consider adapting a script for a puppet show to your lesson plan. Have two or three characters and place them in a common setting where night is likely to occur, such as a sleepover at a friend's house or a camping trip. For the dilemma, make one of the characters afraid of the dark. The other character will then help his friend by stating that "Jesus Is the Light" and will lead him through. Drive this point home by using a flashlight to demonstrate Jesus' light.