Kindergarten Commencement Ideas

It seems like yesterday your little one was just a baby and now she's graduating from kindergarten 1. Like any proud parent, you look forward to celebrating her first educational accomplishments. If you are on a parent committee at your child's school, ask for input in planning a ceremony that is as exciting for the parents as it is for the kids.


Discuss with other parents if the kids should have a casual graduation wearing their everyday clothes, or if you want a bit more formality, having the kids get a little dolled up for the special occasion 1. If you do have the kids get dressed up, keep it fairly simple. The boys can wear a dress shirt and dress pants -- no tie required. The girls can simply wear a nice dress. Provide caps for the kids to wear during the graduation ceremony, but don't worry if some of the kids don't want to wear it.


Plan for the kindergartners to sing a couple of songs at the graduation ceremony. You can include their favorite circle time songs, especially those with hand or body movements. You can also come up with songs that are related to the things they learned in kindergarten and about going to the first grade. You might also want to have the kids sing some sort of goodbye song, either a children's song or a modified modern song.

Diploma Ceremony

Plan to include a ceremony in which each child gets to walk up and receive a diploma or certificate of achievement from their teacher. If you are having a photographer, mark a spot where the kids should stand to pose with their diploma right after receiving it. To make it more fun for the kids, have them stand in two lines facing each other. As the children receive their diplomas, have them walk down the middle of the two lines to receive congratulatory hand slaps from their classmates.


Plan a small reception where the kids, parents and teachers can all celebrate the commencement ceremony. Include simple snacks, like cut fruit and vegetables. Include cupcakes with a graduation hat decoration on each. Another cute idea is to wrap a small ribbon around rolled pirouette cookies so they look like little diplomas. You could include graduation-themed party games, such as "pin the graduation cap," where the kids try to pin a paper graduation cap while blindfolded to a cut-out of a child's face.