Kid's LEGO Building Ideas

According to, children across the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with Legos. What are they building? Everything. From famous characters to spaceships, children use the popular building bricks to create whatever their minds can imagine. Legos are versatile and can be used for the simplest of projects to the most complex building ideas.

Lego Kits

Lego kits are one way to introduce building with Legos. Each set is part of a Lego collection. There are many themes, including machines, buildings, underwater adventures and major motion pictures. Each kit is labelled for age appropriateness, making it easy to find one that matches your child's ability. Instructions are easy to follow. After building a few sets with help, your child should be able to build most sets alone, as all Lego kit instructions are structured alike.


Creating a Lego town can be an ongoing project. Basic buildings are easy to put together, and Lego pieces include windows and doors. Brainstorm with your child places in your town that he can build. A school, church, bank, store or fire station provide a good starting point. Scatter these buildings around a table or area on the floor and the Lego town has begun. Lego minifigures, also called minifigs, can be built to use at the townspeople. The town can continue to grow as he thinks of things to add.


Many Lego sets contain wheels, tires and axles that can be used to build vehicles. Build a favourite car, truck or race car. Create an aeroplane, spaceship or boat. Many of these vehicles can be used in the Lego town to transport people and items. Have a race with the Lego cars or build a space station to dock the spaceship. Build a vehicle that has yet to be invented, a car that can drive on top of water or an aeroplane that doubles as a submarine.

Creative and Complex

A positive aspect about Lego bricks is the creativity that's fostered when building with them. Encourage your child to be creative and create his own masterpieces from Legos. He can build his favourite scene from a movie or make a sports arena complete with the players and fans. More complex ideas include a working robot, musical instruments and a Lego desk. Make a model of your house or school or build a castle and turn Lego minifigs into knights.