How to Keep a Marriage Spicy After Having Kids

For many couples, it can be difficult to keep the romantic spark strong after kids come into the picture. The needs of your children usually trump those of your spouse, which generally means romance is put on the back burner. Romance and intimacy are important components to a healthy and happy marriage 1. Reignite that fire with your spouse..

Put a priority on date night. Don't push off date nights because you're too busy. This is much needed time to enjoy your spouse without the kids. Even if you don't have time to leave the house, you can still plan a romantic evening in your bedroom with candles and music. Every once in a while, plan an extra special date night where you both dress to impress each other and go to a romantic restaurant.

Be spontaneous with your love. Routine is a romance killer. Be affectionate and flirty with your spouse when he least expects it. Take the romance out of the bedroom every once in a while. Call your spouse in the middle of the day to tell him what you have planned later that night, after the kids have gone to bed. Take spontaneous trips out of the blue. Have Grandma come over for the weekend to watch the kids, pick up your spouse from work and drive to a secluded bed and breakfast in the country.

Send spicy love notes to each other 3. Remind your spouse of how attracted you are to him by leaving notes in places he will find it, like his work pants pocket or on the driver's seat of his car. Send steamy text messages and emails, especially if one of you is out of town.

Do special things for each other. Take care of a chore your spouse normally does, but hates, such as cleaning the gutters. Give the kids their baths tonight so your spouse can relax a little. Lifting the burden of a task, or going that extra mile for your spouse shows you are in tune with your spouse's needs, which is always a major turn-on.