Invention Websites for Kids

By Erica Loop
Your science-loving kid can come up with inventions.
Your science-loving kid can come up with inventions.

If your little learner loves to tinker and concoct her own creations, help her to explore her own inventions on the web. Invention websites for kids offer free-to-use, interactive ways for kids to learn about inventors, discover the history of favorite inventions, research the road to creating a patent and even develop their own projects.

History of Inventors and Inventions

Help your child to see that he is in good company as an inventor by visiting a history-oriented website. For example, features a section on inventions that details developments from the earliest times. Your child can explore this site by specific inventors, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Alexander Graham Bell, by time periods or by events. Another web option is site, which features facts and myths about inventions, biographies of inventors and a time line. One website that is just for children, Kid Info, can help your little one to learn about famous inventors and see a time line of notable inventions.


Kids who are serious about their inventions might at some point need a patent. Invention websites that focus on patents can help your child learn the in's and out's of the process. The key web resource that can help your child to understand the patent process is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This official government site provides detailed information on laws, regulations, invention classifications and trademarks. Additionally, has a patent search feature to look for similar inventions. You, and your child, might need to locate a patent attorney in the event that legal help is necessary. features listings of parent attorneys and information on applicable laws.

Science Sites

Understanding scientific concepts and exploring experiments can help your budding inventor take her creations to the next level. While these sites might not have direct invention ideas, your child can brush up on the basics or get a better grip on the science behind the projects that she envisions. For example, PBS Kids' Zoomsci website has experiments and activities for kids of all ages, and features chemistry, engineering and life sciences. Another website, Science360, features profiles of both scientists and engineers and information on topics such as chemistry and medicine. The Scholastic Teachers site also has information on science and scientists and activity plans and ideas on its Science Explorations pages.

Inventions and Ideas

Does your child wonder whether his own ideas would work in the real world, have questions about how to start the invention process or want to know about other kid inventors? The Inventive Kids -- or iKids -- website offers ideas, news and descriptions of other child-made inventions. The Kid Inventors' Day website features information on Kid Inventors' Day -- which is each Jan. 17, Benjamin Franklin's birthday -- and tips for kids who want to be inventors, books on inventions, and links to other science and invention-themed sites. Children who are running low on inspiration can check out the Inventions Handbook website. This site provides information on developing ideas and coming up with imaginative inventions.

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