The Influence of Pop Music on Teens in the US

Teenagers spend much of their recreational time listening to music. Pop music and its artists influence teenage lifestyles 1. Teens idolize and emulate these artists, especially because of the attention they receive in different media. Teen music choices also depend on their peers; friends play an important role in the habits they emulate from various musicians and pop music videos.

Musical Interests

Music plays an important role in shaping teen ideologies and interests. Music videos may influence teenagers to learn different instruments or start dancing classes. Some teenagers further pursue these interests and develop them into careers. However, the flashy lives that pop musicians exhibit create unrealistic expectations among teenagers. They may develop musical interests for the wrong reasons. It is important that you help your teen understand the reality in the music industry in case they want to pursue a career in pop music.


The music teenagers listen to is likely to influence the choices they make. For example, pop music with strong lyrics that advocate for violence is likely to influence rebellious tendencies. Additionally, teenagers who listen to music that degrades sex or with strong sexual language are more likely to indulge in sex at an early age. Teens also follow pop musicians through various media and over the Internet. They learn about their lifestyles and preferences, which they are likely to emulate.


Pop music influences the fashion choices teenagers make 1. Pop musicians are trendsetters and are often featured in magazines, fashion blogs and various media that teenagers use for fashion inspiration. Teens also look up to these artists as cool and will often emulate their styles on the red carpet and in music videos. The pressure to look cool may affect teenagers’ self-esteem if they cannot afford the clothes celebrities wear. You can encourage your teen to develop a personal sense of style and only rely on the music videos and artists as a source of inspiration.


Teenagers have access to music from the Internet and no longer rely on records from parents. As a result, it is now more difficult to sensor the kind of music your teenagers access. Some pop music lyrics use vulgar language and curse words that teens easily adopt. This affects their language negatively, especially if they begin to curse or use insulting words. Alternatively, teenagers can also learn a new language through music. The access to international pop music can help them improve their mastery of foreign languages such as French and Spanish.

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