Ideas for Kids Sports Award Certificates

According to the National Council of Youth Sports, more than 44 million children participate in sports activities 1. If your young athlete is finishing up a sporting season, she -- and her teammates -- may need special recognition certificates. Whether you are the team coach or are in charge of an awards ceremony, there are an array of ideas and options for making kids' sports certificates 2.

Printable Awards

If you are less than crafty, a downloadable or printable award certificate is an easy answer to your child's team's needs. Visit a certificate printing website to choose a template that matches up with what you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for a soccer certificate for your child's teammates, select an award that features a soccer ball. Another option is to pick a more general design that features a trophy. Add your own wording or fill in the blanks to personalize each award.

Equipment-Shaped Awards

Create a cute and crafty award for each member of your little one's sports team by making an equipment-shaped certificate. Draw or trace a shape such as an oval for a football or a circle for a basketball onto a piece of poster board or card stock paper. Make the design roughly the same size as the real piece of equipment. Cut the shape out and decorate it to look like the real thing. Add wording such as, "Best Player" and blanks for the kids' names, team name and date to the front of the certificate.

Scroll Certificates

Make a scroll type of certificate that you can roll up and tie together with a festive and team-colored ribbon. Create an award template design with a word processing program, adding in wording such as, "Teamwork Award" or "Most Goals," along with the team's name, league and year.such as:

  • Create an award template design with a word processing program
  • adding in wording such as
  • "Teamwork Award" or "Most Goals," along with the team's name
  • league
  • year

Print the certificates onto letter-sized paper 2. Add in each player's name with a pen or marker. Roll the certificate up and wrap a ribbon around the center.

Child-Made Awards

Help your young athletes to learn a lesson or two about good sportsmanship by having each team member make an award certificate for another. Give each child a piece of letter-sized drawing paper and markers or pens. Assign each player a teammate to create a certificate for. Each child must decide on a specific award them such as "Best Kick" or "Most Team Spirit" for the other player that he is creating the certificate for. The kids can add a pinch of color or a sports-themed design around the wording with crayons or tempera paints.