Ideas for Games at a Kids' Easter Party

Organized games can be the key to the success of your Easter party. Easter eggs, the Easter bunny and, of course, Easter candy should all feature prominently. No matter what types of games you plan, tailor them to fit the group of kids you expect to be there. If you have a large contingent of kids, group games will work better than games where each kid gets a turn, and some games might be too difficult or easy depending on the age of the kids.

Egg Games

Play an egg-matching game by drawing pairs of colored eggs on large pieces of paper -- one might have stripes, while another has polka dots. For younger children, keep the designs simple and keep the eggs face up. The eggs in a game for older children might have more subtle differences, or you might play the game with the eggs face-down, with the children flipping them over to find a match. Egg bowling is an active game you can play inside or out. Attach laminated drawings of eggs to empty plastic bottles and set them up like bowling pins. Children roll a ball to knock the eggs over.

Bunny Games

Play pin the tail on the bunny by drawing a large bunny on a piece of paper. Blindfolded children can try to glue a cotton ball in the proper place. Alternatively, give each child a different piece of the bunny's body -- an eye, a nose, a tail and a carrot for his hand, for example -- and have them try to put it in the correct place. This is more challenging and the results are often hilarious. If the kids seem to have a lot of energy, try playing a bunny hop game, where the children must hop like a bunny while music is playing and freeze when it stops. Anyone caught moving is out.

Messy Games

If the weather's nice, try playing some messy games. Divide the kids into multiple teams and have them race across the lawn with an egg balanced on a spoon. With younger children, use larger spoons and hard-boiled eggs, but older children will enjoy the challenge and the mess of raw eggs. You can also do an egg toss, in which children pair up with a friend and toss a raw egg to each other, taking a step apart after each toss. It gets harder and harder to keep the egg from breaking as they get farther apart.

Candy Games

Fill a jar with Easter candies and have all the kids guess how many pieces are inside when they get to the party. At the end, you can reveal the truth and whoever came closest to the number gets to keep the whole jar. Another idea is to fill small plastic Easter eggs with candies, then place them in a kiddie pool without water. Children can scoop them out with a ladle and keep what they get.