Ideas for Fire Safety Week for a Cub Scout Den Meeting

Fire safety is important for kids to learn 1. Use Cub Scout Fire Safety Week to make learning challenging, fun and engaging. Include parents in activities so that safety becomes a family affair. Plan ahead to make sure the meeting is attended by every Cub and that any needed supplies or materials are ready so everyone can participate. Get authorization from the Cub Scout Master and organization to allow Cubs to earn points for their merit badges.

Fire Station Den Meeting

Contact a local fire station and ask for permission to hold the den meeting at the station. Discuss a plan for the firefighters to give the Cubs a fire safety demonstration, climb on board the trucks and see where they eat and sleep. Purchase inexpensive tin badges and buttons for the firefighters to give to the Cubs at the end of the meeting.

Surprise Fire Drill

Hold a surprise fire drill. Get a parent to partner and help you pull off the surprise. Take a smoke detector and have the parent stay in the back of the room. Once Cubs are gathered, go on with the meeting as usual. At a key point, have the parent leave the room and light a match to make the alarm go off. See how the Cubs respond to the surprise drill. Have them exit the building. Once outside, let them know that it was a surprise test drill to see how they reacted. Use their responses to point out things they need to do as a first response if a smoke detector goes off. You could then hold a "before and after" follow-up drill to compare their responses and learning.

Escape Map

Have Cubs design a fire escape plan 2. You can download a grid and make copies for each member from 2. Get Cubs to use the grid to draw a map that outlines all of the rooms in their homes, and where windows and doors are located. Have them identify the bedrooms for parents, themselves and siblings. Then have them use the map to draw two escape plans for each person in the household in case of a fire coming from the kitchen or rooms in an upstairs area of their home.

Junior Fire Marshall Quiz

Visit the website 1. Click on the Junior Fire Marshall Quiz. Open a separate window using software such as MS Word. Type the quiz questions and multiple-choice answers. Print a copy of the quiz for each Cub. Have them take the quiz at the meeting. Review the correct answers and use each answer as a teachable moment to provide further information on fire safety.

Make a Rope Ladder

Get a parent or even someone from a hardware store or home improvement center to teach the Cubs how to make a rope ladder. Invite parents to attend the meeting and join in on the project. Demonstrate how to install and store the rope ladder in their bedrooms. Ask retailers to offer discounts on supplies needed for each Cub to make his own rope ladder.