How to Plan a Romantic Evening With Your Wife

According to Dr. Margaret Paul, one of the top ten signs of a healthy relationship is spontaneous warmth and affection 1. A romantic evening planned by you is an amazing and wonderful surprise for your wife. The first step is to really listen to her. Executing a perfectly romantic evening will depend greatly on the type of woman she is, what she likes and what she is passionate about. For example, if she doesn’t particularly like steak, don’t take her to the most expensive steakhouse in town for dinner.


If you have children, the first step is to get a babysitter. If you can, have your children stay the night with friends or relatives. Purchase any necessary items for the evening, including a small gift, card, candles, wine or other beverage, ingredients for dinner and anything else you anticipate needing.

Surprise Her

Find a small surprise gift and a sweet card. Make it as unique as your wife is. If she truly loves orchids, buy her a beautiful orchid arrangement or plant. If she collects PEZ dispensers, track down one she doesn’t have and order it well in advance. Write in the card how much you love and appreciate her; don’t just sign your name. Wrap the gift and seal the card. Place it somewhere in the house where she’ll see it as soon as she walks in the door.


Make a dinner decision. If you are confident in your cooking skills, make her favorite home-cooked meal. Start just before she arrives home so she’ll be welcomed by a wonderful aroma wafting from the kitchen. Remember to get her favorite bottle of wine, beer or evening beverage. Set the table with the special place settings, silverware and dishes. Add a personal touch such as candles, flower petals or a picture cube filled with wedding photos. If you would rather not cook, make a reservation at her favorite restaurant. When making the reservation, allow plenty of time for your wife to come home, open the gift and get ready to go out for the night.

Evening Stroll

After dinner, take a romantic stroll. Walk to a nearby park, garden, beach, pier or other location that is meaningful to you and your relationship. Hold her hand or wrap your arm around her shoulders. Stop for a moment or two in a dimly lit area to gaze up at the moon and the stars. You could also walk to a nearby coffee shop, ice cream shop or dessert parlor for an after dinner treat. Sit outside and enjoy or continue on your walk with cup or cone in hand.

Finishing Touches

Top off the evening with one last romantic expression. Run her a hot bubble bath and then join her in it or give her a relaxing massage with soft music, candles and massage oil. Cuddle up under a blanket on the couch for an episode of your favorite television show or movie. Read to each other from a favorite book or collection of poetry in bed. When you're cuddled up together, whisper in her ear and tell her how much you enjoyed the evening and how much you love her.

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