How to Make a Chore Wheel

It goes without saying that children these days don't necessarily help out around the house as they did in decades past. With the advent of modern conveniences and extracurricular activities, it's easy to let helping out around the house slide. Putting in the effort to keep up this tradition will help teach your children personal responsibility, cleanliness and self-discipline. Other positive side effects include a better self-image and fostering a sense of cooperation. Keep your kids accountable for chores around the house by creating an easy-to-follow chore wheel.

Trace the outline of your plate onto one sheet of card stock. Cut out the circular shape of the plate from the card stock. This is your wheel.

Use the ruler to draw one line through the center of the wheel. Draw another line across the wheel perpendicular to the first. Drawing lines across the wheel separates it into sections, like a pie. Continue to draw lines across the wheel until you've created at least as many sections as chores you'd like to be on the wheel. Each section designates one chore.

Use markers to write the name or draw an image of each chore in each section of your wheel.

Trace your child's hand on the second piece of card stock. Make sure the fingers are slightly open as you trace around each one. Cut out the shape of the hand. This is your spinner.

Fold down each finger, except the index finger, and glue the fingers to the palm of the spinner. The index finger should be sticking out.

With the top of the pencil, make a hole in the center of the wheel and in the center of the spinner's palm.

Push the round-head fastener through the hole in the spinner and then through the hole in the wheel. Turn the wheel over and separate the two sides of the fastener. Fold each side flat against the back of the wheel, opposite the other. The spinner and the wheel are attached 1. Post the chore wheel on the fridge and have children spin it to a new chore when they've finished the previous chore.