How to Dispose of Disposable Nappies

Disposable nappies offer convenience, but you need to dispatch the soiled ones. Putting a dirty nappy in the garbage can leave your whole house smelly, but you don't want to delay changing the baby, because that can lead to a rash and irritation. Learning the right way to dispose of disposable nappies makes nappy changes less of a chore, and leaves both you and your baby happier.

Remove the soiled nappy from the baby and set it aside while replacing it with a new one 1.

Dump any solid waste from the nappy into a toilet and flush it away 1. This limits odour and helps prevent bacterial growth.

Close the nappy by rolling it up and using the tape flaps to secure it shut.

Place the nappy in a plastic diaper pail with a liner and lid. If you are out of the home, place the diaper in a small plastic or paper bag before disposing of it in a public rest room or outdoor garbage bin.

Remove the liner of your diaper pail with soiled diapers inside and place it in an outdoor garbage can. Most pails contain odour control features, but you should not wait until the pail is completely full before emptying it. Empty it every few diaper changes. Replace the lining in the pail, so that it is ready for the next diaper change.

Wash and dry your hands after handling dirty nappies or the diaper pail 1.