How to Become a Kid Catalog Model

Catalogue modelling is a popular industry that is always in demand. Companies are always looking for fresh, young faces that can sell clothing and products. If your child is photogenic, enjoys taking pictures and is a people person, then catalogue modelling just might be his or her calling. There are a few ways you can break into this industry. These options include working with a modelling agency or independently submitting your child's photos to contests that these clothing lines host. Whatever route you choose, persistence and patience is the key to success.

Find a few modelling agencies that currently represent working children's catalogue models. The easiest way to find modelling agencies with a strong presence in catalogue modelling is to contact the advertising department of magazines or stores to find out what agencies they use to supply their models. Many department stores don't have a lot of time to screen models, so they rely on specific agencies to send talent they know will meet its requirements. An agency that's used exclusively is a good lead because it shows that the agency is reliable and that it also has a steady source of potential jobs for your child.

Send these agencies a head shot and a full body photograph of your child. Include a resume with any modelling experience and/or jobs your child completed 1. If your child doesn't have much experience, focus on his or her talents, hobbies, training or classes he or she has taken. Include your contact information, your child's age, weight, height, hair, eye colour and clothing sizes at the top of the resume. Check the agency's website for its recommendation on how to submit new talent pictures and information. Some agencies might prefer that you submit this information by e-mail while others prefer you mail it.

Build a portfolio for your child displaying at least five different looks. These photos should show your child's photogenic nature and attitude. Because you're interested in catalogue modelling, you want to include photographs of your child in various outfits, playing with various toys and different poses. These pictures should include a formal wear shot, casual wear, swimwear and a close-up shot. Purchase a large portfolio book with clear view flaps to display your photographs in.

Choose an agency to work with. You might want to consider working with more than one agency. Make the agent well aware that you want to focus your child on catalogue modelling so he or she can provide the appropriate work for your child.

Attend all go-sees and casting calls that the agent set up for you. It is important to be on time and professional at all times. Have your kid dress the part. If you are going to a go-see for clothing company, dress your child in the latest outfit sold by that company.

Locate and submit your child's photographs to modelling contests and competitions sponsored by your favourite clothing companies. The Gap has an annual casting call for children nationwide. The grand prize winner of the contest who has the most online votes win a professional photo shoot and a chance to be featured in ads and its stores nationwide. The Children's Place also runs periodic modelling contests.


Catalogue modelling is a great way to introduce your child into the world of modelling. Children's catalogue models come in many shapes and sizes. Update your child's portfolio as he or she grows and his or her look changes.


Be aware of agents who ask for upfront fees.

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