How to Audition for Disney Channel for Kids

Breaking into the film and television industry will take talent, though you might just get by with your looks 1. Landing an audition with Disney Channel for Kids is a matter of luck: The channel will need to be looking for new talent, and you will need an agent who believes in you and will submit you to casting directors for projects. Casting directors often get 500 submissions for any given project, though being called to an audition is a big deal. Disney often holds auditions for actors in Southern California and Florida 1.

Hire a photographer to take head shots of you. Doing so can cost from $75 to thousands of dollars. You don't need to spend a ton of money on head shots, though you want a sharp image that shows confidence. For Disney, you also will want to smile and show a lot of character. Have the photographer do touch-ups on your best shot. Print off 8x10-inch copies of the best image.

Attend acting lessons to acquire enough training to get the attention of agents and casting directors.

Write a resume that includes your height, weight, hair colour and eye colour. Add training and experience. You may need to act in a few independent films to be able to acquire an agent, though if they like your look, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Submit your head shot, resume and a quick cover letter to agents that you want to represent you. In your cover letter, mention your intent to become an actor on TV. Don't include that you want to act on the Disney Channel, because they likely will see that vision as too narrow. You want to be open to any auditions.

Continue to train and update your resume while you wait for a call from your agent. Tell your agent that you are especially interested in auditioning for Disney Channel for Kids. It will be OK to say that at this point.