How to Ask Mom for Birth Control

Talking about sex with your parents isn't easy 1. But when you decide you are interested in learning more about birth control, your mother can be a valuable source of information and support 2. Starting the discussion is difficult, but being able to discuss difficult topics with your mom is important. Don't be afraid to bring up the subject of birth control with your mother 2. She probably has been expecting the conversation as you approach adulthood, and if you can discuss the topic sensibly and openly, you can come to a decision together about what is best for you.

Prepare your thoughts before you discuss birth control with your mom 2. Try to stay calm and in control when talking to your mother about birth control 12.

Approach your mom when she is alone. It can be easier for you to talk to one parent at a time about a sensitive issue such as birth control 2.

Choose your timing carefully. Don't approach your mom to talk about birth control when she is busy, stressed or upset 2. Talk to her when things are calm and you are both in a comfortable environment, such as in your home.

Give your mom the opportunity to prepare as well. Tell her that you'd like to have a talk with her about birth control whenever she is ready 2. This gives her time to do research and prepare her own thoughts on the subject before your conversation.

Let your mom know if you're nervous about discussing birth control with her 2. Be up front and honest about your feelings. By letting her see how seriously you are considering birth control, you show her that you are being mature and making an informed decision 2.

Ask your mom to take you to see a gynecologist. A doctor can talk to you specifically about all of your birth control options and give you vital information on how to practice safe sex 2.

Don't be afraid to ask specific questions. If your mother is being too general or if you don't understand what she is talking about, ask her to be more direct 1. Let her know if you are looking for specific advice on different types of birth control, such as condoms and prescription birth control pills 2.

If your mother will not discuss birth control with you, or if you do not get the answers you need, consider talking to another family member, such as an aunt, who might be more comfortable talking about sex with you 12.

If you need birth control and your mother is not cooperative, you can see a doctor on your own, even if you are under 18 years old 2. Make an appointment with a gynecologist to discuss your options, but remember that if you are on your parents' health insurance, they will get a notice in the mail that you saw a doctor. If you prefer total anonymity, make an appointment at a free or low-cost women's health clinic.

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