How to Get Housework Done With a Baby

Housework tends to get pushed to the bottom of the priority list when a new baby arrives, but eventually the laundry starts to pile up, the floors start to get grimy and the dust on the ceiling fan gets too thick for a quick dusting. To keep the condemned sign off the front door, it's time to find a way to incorporate plenty of Mommy-baby bonding time while sneaking in a little housework, too, with these simple tips and tricks.

Do everything just once. While it might be tempting to sweep, mop or vacuum every tiny mess that finds its way onto the floor, save it for the end of the day to minimize the amount of time you spend on housework. Throw laundry into baskets to put in the washer in the evening and stack up the dishwasher until it's full. By doing these chores just once in the evening, you'll also save money in areas where electricity rates increase during peak hours.

Strap on a baby carrier or sling and cuddle with your baby as you tidy up the living room, fold and put away laundry and take care of any other light housework. You might just find that housework is the easiest way to get your baby to take a nap. Just be sure to leave housework that involves chemicals for later.

Have your partner and older children help out with the housework 1. Kids can bring their own laundry down to your hamper and help clean off the table after meals. Offer plenty of praise when the kids help out and remind them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Accept help when it is offered. If your mother drops by and offers to help tidy up so you can take a break, don't refuse the offer. There is no reason to take on every task if there are others who want to help ease your burden. Letting others help out provides you with an extra opportunity to focus on the special bond between you and your infant.

Take a look at the budget and see if you can splurge on a cleaning service if you don't feel comfortable accepting help from mom. Even if you can only afford a deep cleaning service once a month, it can help to get rid of the dust bunnies and window grime and free up time for you and your new baby.