Healthy Snack Ideas for a Teacher's Birthday Party

If you're planning a birthday celebration for a school teacher, incorporate things from the job she loves into every aspect of the party. Objects found in her classroom or the school yard can serve as inspiration for party food. Include themed, healthy snacks as part of the menu, which will leave her and the party guests in awe.

Alphabet Sandwiches

Almost every school teacher has the alphabet bordered around her classroom wall. Transform the complete alphabet into finger sandwiches for guests to nibble on. Take two slices of whole-wheat bread and spread hummus on both slices. Pick one alphabet letter cookie cutter and press it in the sandwich. Remove the excess pieces of bread to make the perfect alphabet shape. Continue making the sandwiches to create the entire alphabet and place them on a tray. Additionally, you can fill a few sandwiches with sunflower seed butter or low-fat turkey and cheese.

Bookworm Grapes

All teachers encourage their students to read books to enhance their learning experience. As a silly play on words, use a bunch of green grapes to create edible bookworms. Simply take grapes and slide them on several wooden skewers. Use black icing gel to create eyes and a smile on the first grape on each skewer. Put the grape skewers with the faces upward in a mug and place on stacks of books to add a creative touch. Make sure to have a bowl of Greek yogurt nearby that guests can use for dipping sauce.

Edible School Buses

Teachers may wave goodbye to children as they board the school bus after school. Recreate the yellow school vehicle with reduced-fat cheddar cheese slices. Press a school bus-shaped cookie cutter in the cheese slices. Remove the excess cheese to create the perfect bus shape. Place each of the cheese slices on top of a whole-grain cracker and put them on a large tray for easy accessibility for the party guests to grab. For a creative touch, use small chopped apple pieces for bus windows and chopped olives for school bus wheels.

Apple Muffins

Apples are common treats given to teachers by their students. Use the fruit to create apple muffins as a birthday cake alternative for the party 4. Instead of using refined sugar and flour in your usual muffin recipe, substitute the ingredients with whole-wheat flour and brown sugar to create the muffin batter. Chop several apples into small pieces and toss them in the batter. Mix the batter and pour into muffin tins. Bake in the oven until browned. Alternatively, make apple bread. Pour the batter in a loaf pan to bake and cut into slices when it's dessert time.