Halloween Costume Ideas for Female Teens

By Erica Loop
Your teen can dress up in a scary Halloween costume.
Your teen can dress up in a scary Halloween costume.

Although it's unlikely that your teen still goes trick or treating, she may still need a Halloween costume for a school dance or a friend's party. Instead of allowing her to wear one of the more risqué female costumes -- such as a school girl or short-skirted nurse -- help her to choose a more age-appropriate outfit that will stand out in a crowd.

First Ladies

Pick a piece of history and help your teen daughter to dress like one of the famous first ladies. From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama -- and all the presidential wives in between -- first lady Halloween costumes provide your teen with a range of ideas to choose from. Choose a period costume to make a more historical statement such as Mary Todd Lincoln, who was the first lady from 1861 to 1865. Your teen can wear a long, dark dress with a full skirt and put her hair in a simple up-do. If your daughter is looking for a more modern take on the first lady theme, have her dress in a pants suit and wear a blond wig -- adding on a Vote for Bill button -- or go even more contemporary with a sophisticated dress and cropped cardigan ala Michelle Obama.

Zombie Costumes

Halloween is a time for spooking and scaring everyone around you. If your teen daughter is looking for a costume that fits this bill and evokes a more fearful reaction, go with a hand-crafted zombie creation. While you can get a fancy zombie mask, at a high price, you can also help your daughter to do her own makeup. Start with a base layer of white costume foundation on her face, add black eye liner, black cream blush and gray powder eye shadow under and around her eyes. Complete the look with a pale blue or gray lipstick. Tatter and tear her clothes, before she puts them on, to create a zombie outfit or make her into a zombie bride by shredding a long white dress.

Artsy Costumes

Instead of going with the same old run of the mill witch costume, transform your teen daughter into a true work of art this Halloween. Your teen can choose a famous female from the walls of the world's top museums to dress up as for her school's dance or a peer's party. She can put on a simple black dress and part her hair down the center to make herself into the Mona Lisa. Another option is to create a mixed up Picasso-like costume. Use bright costume make-up to "draw" separate sections onto your teen's face, making her look like a cubist work of art. For a truly abstract look, help your teen drip liquid makeup onto her face and give her a paint-splattered outfit to wear as a Jackson Pollock-style costume.

Not-So-Traditional Witch

Why dress up with the same boring old pointy black hat and fake wart nose as every other witch on the block? If your teen is looking for a witchy Halloween idea, help her to choose a less traditional option. Get her a blond wig -- or make waves in her hair if she is a natural blond -- and pick up a puffy pink formal dress at the local thrift store to make a Glinda the Good Witch costume. Add a sequin-covered crown and a silver glitter star wand to complete the look. For a not as nice witch choice, your teen can wear a white dress and matching faux fur to look like the White Witch from "The Chronicles of Narnia." Young teen girls may want to choose a dark pleated skirt and cardigan combo -- along with a white button down and a striped tie -- to look like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

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