Are Half Cooked Eggs Good for Kids?

Half cooked eggs are not a good idea for anyone to eat, adult or child. However, as children generally have weaker immune systems than adults, half cooked eggs can make them even sicker than they could make an adult. Always make sure to fully cook eggs that you feed to your children.

Feeding Eggs to Kids

Eggs can be a very nutritious addition to your child's diet as long as they're properly cooked. Healthy Children points out that although some pediatricians don't advise giving babies eggs until a year old due to the risk of allergies, there's actually no evidence that delaying this nutrient dense food prevents allergies or is any indication of future allergies 1. Most babies are ready for solid foods by the time they double their birth weight, or around 4 to 6 months. Just remember to cut eggs up into tiny pieces for your tot.


One of the risks of eating undercooked eggs is that your child could develop salmonellosis, which is an illness caused by the bacteria salmonella 3. This is caused by fecal matter that can come in contact with raw food. If this comes in contact with your child's eggs and they aren't cooked well, he can become sick. Cooking eggs well kills this bacteria.

E. Coli and other Bacteria

Although E. Coli is more commonly associated with ground beef and raw milk, it can contaminate other foods as well, including eggs, and make your tot sick if he eats half cooked eggs. If your eggs have a small crack that you don't notice when you buy them, any number of germs and bacteria can infiltrate the shell and get into the egg.

Kids' Immune Systems

Kids are one of the groups most at risk of getting sick, along with the elderly, pregnant women and anyone who a compromised immune system, such as those living with HIV 2. The reason for this is because as people get older, their bodies begin to recognize viruses and bacteria and fight them off more effectively, whereas children haven't had time to come into contact with as many germs and therefore are more likely to get sick from them, explains KidsHealth.

Eggs for Kids

Scrambled eggs are a good choice for kids, as they make an easy finger food for little ones and are nice and soft, even fully cooked. Chopped up hard boiled eggs are also easy for young kids to eat. Just make sure to cut up hard boiled eggs into very small pieces.