Goodbye and Farewell Party Ideas for Kids

You might know that the upcoming family move will work out fine, but your child could feel stressful at the thought of giving up familiar friends and routine. One way to help alleviate that stress is to throw her an amazing farewell party where his friends come together to celebrate the good times they had together 1.

Ice Breaking Games

Once the guests arrive, a few games will break the ice and remind everyone they are here to have a good time. Play a variation of the dress-up, music game posted on the Planning Wizard website. Fill a large plastic bag with different clothing from your child's favorite movie or cartoon. Have your child hold a small ball and when you start the music, it gets passed quickly from guest to guest. Whoever has the ball when you stop the music has to reach into the bag and pull out a piece of clothing and put it on over her current clothing. When the game is over, take a group photo of the dressed up guests with your child.

Farewell Scavenger Hunt

Choose several small items that exemplify your child's interests. You will group these items with similar, but not favorite, items. For example, if his favorite color is blue, get a blue pillow and gather some other items that aren't blue. If his favorite food is corn, gather several cans of corn in addition to several of other types of canned vegetables. Hide the items around the house and make a scavenger hunt map for the guests to find the grouped items and then each guest chooses the one the believe is your child's favorite. Once they have found all groupings and chosen their items, the guest with the most correct items wins the game.

Butcher Paper Memories

Hang white butcher paper -- shiny side against the wall -- on each wall of the party room. Place buckets with plenty of crayons, markers, glitter, glue and pens. Let the guests decorate the paper with farewell messages to your child. After the party, you can roll the paper up and take it to the new house to decorate the walls of your child's room.

Favorite Foods

Serve the guests an array of your child's favorite foods. Let him explain why each food is his favorite and his first memory of tasting it. While the kids are eating, invite each child to tell a story about something he did with your child in the past, such as a story about playing a baseball game or sharing a tent at a campout. Take plenty of photos and take notes during the storytelling to put together a scrapbook later for your child to keep in his new room. It will be filled with photos and stories that will cheer him while he makes new friends.