Good Smelling Cologne for Teenagers

If walking past the hip-looking teen clothing store at mall makes you gag slightly from the strong cologne emanating outward, finding a good-smelling cologne for your teenager is a must. If you don't want your teen to smell like something that came out of a dispenser in the bathroom of a bar or the pages of a macho magazine, choosing a subtle scent that is youthful and fresh is fitting for your young adult.

Designer Fragrances

While your teen son might not care about the latest fashions, he might enjoy the fragrances that designers make. Even if your teen doesn't know Giorgio Armani from George Michael, he will smell clean -- and luckily, not overly fragrant -- in the designer's Aqua Di Gio cologne. If your teen is a fan of Diesel brand jeans, he might also find a good fit with Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Cologne. With citrus notes and a woody scent, this cologne is youthful, yet stylish.

Celebrity Scents

If your teen wants to look like his favorite celebrity, why not smell like him too? Popular culture icons from the music and sports worlds often "make" their own colognes that your teen might want to try out. Teenagers who are music fans might want to give Power by 50 Cent, Usher for Men by Usher or McGraw by Tim McGraw a try. Sports enthusiasts can check out Intimately Beckham by David and Victoria Beckham or Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan.

Inexpensive Brands

You don't have to break the bank buying your teenager a good-smelling cologne. Although many popular designer fragrances come with a high price tag -- for example, Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue Limited Edition Eau de Toilette has a 2013 retail price of $97 for 6.7 ounces -- your teen can still find a top-notch scent at a drug store or super store 134. These lower-priced colognes are often generic versions of major label brands, such as Walmart's Black Classic match version of Polo Black Spray Perfume or the Vault Eau De Toilette version of Armani Code. Other colognes that your cologne might want to pick up while shopping at the discount or grocery store are BOD Man's Fresh Guy Body Spray or Old Spice's Classic Scent Cologne.


Fancy spritz-on perfumes aren't the only way that your teen can scent himself. Essential oils are nature-made fragrances that don't contain chemical or artificial ingredients 5. Made from plant products such as the stem, flowers or even bark, essential oils are highly concentrated, making it necessary to only use a few drops at a time 5. Your teen likely will find certain essential oils more to his liking than others. For example, he might enjoy the earthy scent of patchouli oil or the fresh citrus scent of the mandarin variety.