How to Give a Baby Prevacid to Treat Reflux

Give a Baby Prevacid to Treat Reflux

How to Give a Baby Prevacid to Treat Reflux. Anyone who has ever given an infant medication knows that you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get her to swallow her medication. If your baby has reflux, it becomes even more difficult to get her to take her meds. If you're struggling with this problem and want to know how you can give a baby Prevacid for her reflux, keep reading.

Get the medication ready. The pharmacy will give you small packets of Prevacid and instruct you on how to mix the contents with water. Each packet contains a strawberry-flavored powder and small capsules of medication. Mix these according to your pharmacist's instructions.

Use the largest syringe possible and cut off the plastic tip. If your syringe is too small or if you leave the tip on, the white balls will clog up the syringe and you'll be unable to give the Prevacid to your baby.

Lay your baby down on a changing table or other flat surface.

Gently open baby's mouth and squirt the Prevacid in, aiming at the inside of his cheek. Make sure to empty the syringe all at once. If you have any left over, or if you notice that there are still some capsules left at the tip of the syringe, add a bit more water and give it to your baby.

Trick the baby into swallowing. Once the baby has gotten all the medication in her mouth, quickly blow a puff of air into her face. This will startle her briefly and cause her to swallow. If your baby takes a pacifier, offer it now. The sucking reflex will help the medication go down.

Comfort your baby. He'll probably need it.


Give your baby her Prevacid at least 30 minutes before a meal. This will give the medicine enough time to work properly. If you have a compounding pharmacy in your area, you may be able to get them to put your baby's Prevacid in a liquid suspension. Keep your baby sitting up for 30 minutes before and after meals to aid in digestion.


Always consult a doctor before giving your baby a new medication.